Technology for software and applications System Roma’s Filippo Inzaghi on the upcoming Serie A season

Roma’s Filippo Inzaghi on the upcoming Serie A season

FilippO Inzagho has revealed that the Rossoneri are looking at the upcoming season in the same manner that they look to the next Serie A campaign. 

“We are trying to make the best possible season for everyone,” Inzaghe said on Tuesday, as he spoke to reporters in his first interview since the season began on September 30. 

The Giallorossi finished second in the standings in 2015-16, but the following campaign their results suffered due to a string of injuries to the squad. 

With that in mind, the Gialloro have now gone through a number of changes over the course of the campaign, most notably the signing of Paulo Dybala from Atalanta. 

Since joining, Inzaghedi has managed the squad with a new coach and has overseen the first major overhaul in years. 

Inzaghi believes the season will be the best yet, however, he will not rule out a move to the Bundesliga in the near future. 

While his comments are aimed at the current season, Inaghi will also be looking to the future and says he is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“We need to make it to the end of the season,” Inaghe said.

“It is the only way to do it.” 

“The season will not be perfect but I will be there for the long haul and I will make sure that every player is ready for the season.”