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Which businesses have been targeted by hackers?

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint with the Justice Department about the alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the agency announced Thursday.

According to the complaint, which is being reviewed by the agency’s Civil Division, at least 25 entities are accused of “engaging in unfair business practices that prevent consumers from using their credit reports and/or credit scores to obtain the information they need to make timely and informed decisions about credit-related matters.”

The complaint is based on “a review of records obtained from Kroger, Home Depot, Sears and Target to determine if the businesses are engaging in conduct that violates the FCRA,” according to a statement from the FTC.

“Based on our review, we have identified a total of 25 businesses that were engaged in unlawful activity by engaging in false or misleading representations and misleading practices,” the FTC statement continued.

“The conduct of the alleged offenders violated federal consumer protection law and is a violation of the FCPA.”

According to a Kroger spokesperson, the company was not notified of the allegations.

Home Depot said the complaint was filed last week and declined further comment.

The FTC’s complaint against the Kroger and Home Depot businesses follows similar actions against Target, Macy’s, Lowe’s, TJ Maxx, Macy-Wash, Kohl’s, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart.

The complaint also cites other recent FTC complaints against various companies, including Target’s alleged failure to properly investigate an account in violation of its FCRA compliance.

Target also faced a recent federal investigation for a possible breach of its anti-money laundering program.