Technology for software and applications System Dutch job application process gets even more difficult

Dutch job application process gets even more difficult

The Dutch government has come under fire after it published a job application application for a Dutch diplomat.

The application, which was sent out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asked applicants to provide their passport number, address and the title of the job, which had to be in Dutch.

The title and the job title were not mentioned.

The Ministry of Defence was also included.

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the Dutch embassy was also required to send copies of the passport of every Dutch citizen.

It was not clear what the job would entail, but De Teegraaf reported that it would require a total of 20 hours of work per week, including a maximum of four hours per day.

The job description also included a link to a Dutch Facebook page with the same title, where job applicants can submit their CV.

The article also said that a representative from the Dutch government would contact applicants at the embassy.

In response to the story, Foreign Affairs Minister Viviane Reding tweeted: “This is ridiculous.

Dutch embassy will not even be involved in this job application.

No contact details.”

She also tweeted: “@DeTeegraaalDeMail is a Dutch newspaper, not an Embassy.

But we would not be in a position to comment on any job applications.”

In an email, Reding said: “The application is part of a normal job application, and the Dutch Embassy would be happy to work with the ministry of foreign affairs to ensure the information on the application is accurate.”

The job advertisement was published on a page of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website that also included links to job-search websites, as well as a list of local jobs in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Embassy said the information was not correct, and that the job was open to all applicants, including those with dual nationality.

The ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Ministry of Defense said it had received an email from the ministry about the job application and was “disappointed” with the media’s coverage of it.

The spokesman said it would investigate the matter further.

In a statement on Monday, the Netherlands’ foreign ministry said it has taken the position that the position was incorrect and that it is not possible for a foreign minister to submit a job-seeking application for an embassy job, but the ministry has the authority to contact applicants to make the job offer.

It also said it was a good example of the Dutch Government using its position of authority to help applicants with the application process, and said the ministry had not received any complaints about the article.