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How to find out what’s in your food

How to spot the freshest, best and most popular food in your home.

By Scott Stirling, Business Insider/RNZ article 3.

Food at home is an ongoing process.

For a number of reasons, it can be challenging to understand what’s on the menu when you’re not home.

To help guide you, Food & Wine has compiled this guide to finding out what you need to know before you leave home.

This guide focuses on the top 20 food items that will help you find your way around the kitchen.

The main takeaway: It’s important to try and buy what you’re going to eat, rather than what’s advertised as being there.

This is because most of the time, the food on the shelves isn’t what you’d expect, especially in terms of price and nutritional content.

Here are the top food items to try: 1.

Fruits & vegetables This is a good place to start with.

If you’re looking for fresh produce, there’s something for everyone in the supermarket.

If the only fruit you can get is a little dried one, then there’s nothing special.


Meat and fish This is an interesting category.

You might think meat is usually in short supply, but this year you’ll find a lot of frozen meat in the shelves.

Some of the cheapest meat you’ll come across this year will be frozen, but you may also find the best meat and fish in a local supermarket.


Fish & chips The only fish you can buy in the shops is cod, and while it’s usually cheaper than fish at home, fish chips are often not as fresh as you’d like them to be. 4.

Oatmeal & fruit There’s something really appealing about oatmeal, but not all of it is as tasty as you might expect.

It’s usually in a bit of a bind with fruit, because there’s not a lot that can be found for breakfast.


Fruit juices If you love fruit, you’ll love juice.

There are a lot more varieties of fruit that you can purchase in supermarkets than you can in your local grocery store, and you’ll be able to find a range of different flavours.


Vegetables & nuts This category is pretty simple, and is a really good place for fresh veggies and nuts, as they’re cheaper than the supermarket equivalent.


Oils If you have an allergy to nuts, there are a few places to buy fresh olive oil and nut butter.


Ovens These are great for those who prefer to cook in their ovens rather than on a grill.


Frozen food In the last few years, the supermarkets have started stocking frozen food.

While they may be a bit pricey, they’re still great for buying fresh food.


Frozen fish & chips If you like fish, then you’re in for a treat.

You’ll find fish, chips and other fish at your local supermarket this year, and some of the best fish at this year’s fish & chip festival is from a local supplier.


Frozen vegetables & nuts In the past, the most expensive frozen vegetables were those in the bulk section, but now you can find fresh vegetables at a discount.


Chicken wings & sausages The prices are higher, but if you want something light and quick, then it’s likely to be in a bulk section.


Bacon & chips A bit of salt and pepper here and there can really help with a meal.


Fruit & fruit If you’ve got a taste for fruit, then this is a great time to shop.

If it’s in a large section, you may want to check it out in a big bin before you go. 15.

Meat & poultry This is another category that is not so easy to identify.

Meat can be really expensive, but a good chunk of it can easily be bought at a local market.


Cheese If you don’t fancy eating meat, there may be an easier way to find it, and it’s also a great place to stock up on cheese.


Chicken & sausage The prices for meat are quite high, and the sausage is usually only a few dollars cheaper than fresh sausage.


Fish and chips You may want some fresh fish, but that’s not usually the case.

If there’s a lot on the shelf for fresh fish then you’ll want to buy a few pieces to stock your fridge.


Oats & fruit The best time to buy nuts and dried fruit is at the beginning of the week, when there’s plenty of fresh fruit to go around.


Eggs Eggs are a great way to get some extra protein, as long as you’re prepared to cook them in a crock pot or microwave.


Pasta & pasta This is one of the biggest categories of pasta, with a range from cheap to very expensive.

Some pasta manufacturers will make pasta for less than $5, but others will sell you a pasta for