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Job applications: Why are some people getting jobs at Wendy’s?

2:40 pm IST Wendy’s has launched a job application site for those who want to apply for a job at the fast food giant.

The company says that people applying for jobs at its restaurants in India and Sri Lanka will receive an email from a recruitment agency that will send them an application letter.

The application will have to be submitted online through a web portal to the company’s recruitment agency, which will then send the application letter to the job applicant.

The job applicant will then have to take up the job at a Wendy’s restaurant, a spokesperson said.

The company also said it was working with the Sri Lankan government to get a visa for its citizens to visit the country.

In March, Wendy’s posted a job posting for a “service manager” at its Delhi store.

The post stated that the person should have at least five years of experience and be able to work in a senior role.

The job posting also stated that a “knowledge of Sri Lankanic language and culture is required.”

The job is for an entry level position at a franchise, which would be the lowest level Wendy’s would allow for a senior manager.

The posting also said the job would require “a strong knowledge of food processing techniques and processes in the area of human resources.”