Technology for software and applications Contact NYU’s application to get a state-run database of health data is now underway

NYU’s application to get a state-run database of health data is now underway

nyu application portal has received the green light for a state database of medical records, a milestone for the University of Michigan Health System.

The NYU-affiliated university announced Tuesday that it will begin collecting medical records from hospitals and health care providers, and use the data to create a health plan.

The plan will be the first of its kind in the nation.”NYU is pleased to be joining with New York State to provide a platform for state and local health plans to collect and share health information,” New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

“The New York Health Care Initiative is a critical step forward in advancing the health care needs of our state’s communities.

This initiative will help ensure that we have a comprehensive, secure and accurate health record and that our residents are protected from costly and preventable preventable diseases.”

The NYS Health Care Authority, which will oversee the NYU data collection and use, is expected to sign off on the new system in a couple of weeks, with a formal announcement expected in the fall.

The data will be shared with health care agencies across the state.

A NYU spokeswoman said the data will help the state better understand trends and patterns in the medical community and improve the quality of care for people with chronic illnesses.

The plan is expected cost $150 million, with another $50 million earmarked for research, a spokeswoman said.

The university expects to complete the program within three years.