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Trump’s wife, Melania, reportedly has medical marijuana license for her own cultivation

Fox News has learned that President Donald Trump’s first wife, former model Melania Trump, has a medical marijuana permit from the Colorado Department of Health.

Fox News obtained a copy of the permit issued to the first lady in January.

Trump, who was married to the First Lady for 27 years, previously denied that she had a medical cannabis license in January 2016.

The president later issued a correction, but it’s not clear whether he’s changing his stance.

“I have not been able to verify the veracity of the information in the past,” Trump told The Washington Post in an interview last year.

“I am very happy with my wife.

She has been very successful.”

The new permit, issued Jan. 16, says the first family has permission to grow and cultivate up to six marijuana plants.

The plants would be grown on their property.

A dispensary would sell marijuana, but not the drug itself.

It’s not known if the new permit was approved or revoked by the state.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are all registered voters in Colorado.

The first lady also has a separate medical marijuana card for her husband, who has a history of epilepsy.

Melani Trump was previously granted a medical license in Washington state and in Maine.

The White House has declined to comment on the new license, citing privacy rules.

The president, however, has called marijuana a gateway drug for young people and has said he would not tolerate it in the White House.

The marijuana issue has become a political hot potato since the inauguration.

Trump is running for reelection next year, and it has emerged as a key plank of his campaign platform.

A recent survey of Colorado voters found that 70 percent of voters want the president to end federal prohibition of marijuana.