Technology for software and applications System ‘College application deadlines are really, really bad’: How to avoid the biggest mistakes

‘College application deadlines are really, really bad’: How to avoid the biggest mistakes

A year after the Supreme Court overturned the Obama administration’s requirement for federal student loan applications to be made online, the deadline for applying for college was extended until May 18.

But the court left the deadline open for the time being. 

The deadline for college applications has been extended to May 18, 2020.

That’s the date on which the US Supreme Court ruled that the Obama Department of Education (DOE) had violated the due process rights of students who didn’t get an email on their loan application that indicated they’d received a confirmation of their admission to college.

Read moreWhat the Trump administration wants to change in the way college applications are processedThe Obama administration wanted to limit the length of time that applicants had to wait to apply for a loan. 

It argued that applicants could wait six months, but under current law, the maximum time to receive an email confirming a student’s admission was three months.

The Obama administration argued that this would mean that many students would receive their college application before their college admission date.

But a three-month delay would put them off their goal of earning their degree and would prevent them from receiving a degree.

The administration argued for a six-month extension, and the Supreme court agreed. 

For students who have been waiting too long to get an application on their application, there’s also a way to avoid it: By filling out a form online.

This was the strategy that the Trump team used in its attempt to get the federal government to extend the deadline.

The Supreme Court decision was a blow to the Obama-era rules that dictated how colleges and universities should handle their applications, but it did not stop the Trump-era government from trying to delay them.

The deadline for applications is still May 18 in the US, but the Trump transition team announced it would be extended until March 18. 

A federal appeals court has yet to rule on the Trump’s application, but that could be a matter of days. 

In a blog post on Thursday, Trump’s senior advisor for student loan policy, Robert Kagan, argued that the court’s decision was good news for students, parents, and communities: We can finally go home to our kids, and they’ll be home to their families, and we can get back to doing the hard work of making our schools great places to get a good education. 

So while the Supreme’s decision is not a victory for Trump, it is a big one for students and their families.

The college application deadline has not been extended since it was first set in 2014.

The Trump administration said it would work with the courts to change the way that the deadline was set. 

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