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McDonalds application is for new employees

McDonalds has launched a new application to recruit new employees for its fast food outlets in Queensland, with the aim of bringing in more than 100,000 new workers.

Key points:McDonalds is recruiting for more than a dozen roles including a “sport and hospitality” roleMcDonald’s is looking for staff with skills to work in the fast food sectorThe role is expected to cost about $40,000A McDonalds spokesman said the new roles would be based in Queensland and would include a “sports and hospitality”.

The role, expected to be around $40-40,00, will be offered to current McDonalds staff, with McDonalds already recruiting for a similar role in the State.

The role would also be based at McDonalds headquarters in Brisbane, but would be contracted to a regional company, McDonalds Australia SA said in a statement.

The roles will be advertised on the McDonalds website, with positions in the Queensland region being advertised in the Townsville and Gold Coast regions.

“McDonaldS is proud of the fact that we’ve already recruited over 1,000 McDonalds team members over the past year,” McDonalds spokesperson Dan Williams said.

“We look forward to welcoming new members of the McDonald’s family to Queensland and welcoming them to our Queensland workplace.”

As we move into the 21st century, we will always focus on our local communities, and will be looking to recruit staff from as many different areas as possible.

“Our fast food restaurants in Queensland will continue to offer a rewarding and competitive job market and McDonalds’ Queensland workforce will benefit from the opportunities and opportunities provided by our fast food industry.”

McDonaldson said it had a strong track record in recruiting new staff for the fast-food industry.

“At McDonalds, we have more than 500 locations in Australia, with our global reach and presence gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors, with over 40,000 employees across our five global locations,” McDonaldson said.

Mr Williams said McDonalds would use its local talent pool to recruit people with a passion for fast food and hospitality.

“From an early age, we are constantly learning from our McDonalds colleagues, whether they are restaurant workers, franchisees, team members, employees at our local restaurants or the community at large,” Mr Williams said, adding McDonalds was a company of “big family” people.

“With McDonalds as the biggest employer in Australia we are confident that we can attract top talent from across our business and community.”