Technology for software and applications Program Walgreens is going to use blockchain to help its employees apply for unemployment

Walgreens is going to use blockchain to help its employees apply for unemployment

Walgreen is in talks with a startup to create an application to help employees apply to jobs.

The San Francisco-based health care company said Wednesday that it is looking at the blockchain as a way to “enhance the process” of applying for jobs.

In an email to CNBC, Walgres founder Michael Siegel said the company is looking for a solution to automate the process and improve the quality of its application process.

The company will use the blockchain to track applications, and use a blockchain ledger to store the data for the application itself, he wrote.

In a separate letter to CNBC dated June 12, Siegel also said the Walgers blockchain would be a solution for employees who would like to use the company’s applications to apply for jobs but are unable to access it.

“In this case, we are working with a small but talented team of highly qualified, highly qualified individuals to develop a software platform that can facilitate the creation and use of an identity application,” he wrote in the email.

The Walgrets platform will work with “several existing, successful blockchain applications and other existing solutions,” the letter continued.

Walgreens plans to create the blockchain application in a “limited time” and expects to have it available to its employees sometime this fall.

Wagner’s blockchain application has already been downloaded over 1 million times.

It’s a web-based application that is able to track employees’ personal information and show them how much they earn and their pay.

It can also store information about each employee’s paychecks, and can alert employees if their paychecks are delinquent.

Wager’s blockchain app also tracks how many times an employee has made a payment in a particular year, and how much money each paycheck has been.