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How Google and Safeway have teamed up to get more people online

Google’s website has always been the most visited on the internet, and its latest effort to get people online is aimed at making its mobile app easier to use.

With its latest update to its mobile search, Google is offering a new feature called Search Plus, which allows you to search for a specific keyword and then find more information about it by browsing the web.

In addition to this, Google has also made the app’s home page a new section on the site where you can see how your favourite sites are doing.

Google says the new section is a way for people to discover more about what the search engine offers them, and is a major step towards simplifying the search experience.

“With Search Plus we are giving you a better way to find content and ideas to help you get things done on your phone,” said Steve Neubauer, Google’s product manager for mobile search.

“When you use Search Plus you can easily access relevant information and ideas from your favourite websites, like books, movies, music, and more.

We’ve also added a section where you’ll find your favourite searches for new and popular content.”

Search Plus is currently only available to users who have signed up to Google’s Google+ platform.

Google said the feature is only available for users who are subscribed to the Google+ app.

Google’s mobile search features are being introduced alongside the release of Google’s new Chrome browser.

The Chrome browser is a browser designed to be as mobile friendly as possible.

In recent months, Google have been pushing Chrome to make it easier for people who have a smartphone or tablet to use the internet on the go.

Chrome is designed to support a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets and laptops, as well as the web browser itself.

Google said the latest update will also make it easy for users to use search within their Android mobile devices.

The search engine also added that it would be adding a feature called Spotlight to the Chrome browser which will show you more of the webpages you are interested in.

“We’ve been listening to the feedback about how our new search features improve the browsing experience, and are excited to bring them to Android in the future,” said Neubauer.

Google has also updated its Google+ account to include a feature that lets users see what other people are looking at, and to show you what people are saying about you.

Users can now add friends from Google+ to their profile and add them to the same conversation.

“This is a great way to meet new people, find great content, and see what people say about you,” said Sarah Tew, Google+ community manager.

Google also announced that it was expanding the number of ways you can search the internet from within the Chrome app.

Users will now be able to search the web by type of search, or type of topic.

They can also search by keyword or topic.

Users of the Chrome App can also add more categories to their search results, like ‘people’, ‘news’, or ‘music’.

Users can also use Google’s social network feature to add more groups to their searches, and have them automatically added to their Google+ profile.