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Why is the Android app in India so slow?

Google has made a big move by releasing its Android mobile operating system in India, with an application available for download that is the first to hit the country.

The app is the third one to hit India since the launch of the Android operating system, but its launch comes just a few days after the government banned several applications from being downloaded on Android phones and tablets.

The official Google news site, in a post, stated that “Google is rolling out a new Android app on Tuesday, which is available for offline use, and will be available on Google Play for the first time in India.”

While the app is being rolled out in India on Tuesday as a preview, we are waiting for a notification from Google to confirm its availability on the official Google Play Store.

Google did not provide any further details on what the app does or why it is being made available in India.

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and it is not yet clear if it will also be available in other regions.

The news came as India is still reeling from the fallout of a string of terrorist attacks across the country, including the recent attack on the Parliament in New Delhi, where at least eight people were killed and dozens wounded.

India has been on high alert after the Indian government imposed restrictions on mobile communication devices for nearly two months.